Motherhood/The Proof Behind Mindfulness Benefits: Meet Dr. Shilpa Babbar

The Proof Behind Mindfulness Benefits: Meet Dr. Shilpa Babbar

published on November 4, 2021

The evidence is in: mindfulness can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress in pregnancy and postpartum, not to mention during every other hurdle in your life. Our CEO and Founder, Nathalie Walton, had the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Shilpa Babbar, an OB-GYN who conducted a literature review on how mindfulness is shown to help during these phases of motherhood. So now, you can rest assured - the time you're putting into meditating, it's working.


Nathalie Walton
Nathalie Walton is the CEO of Expectful. As a new mother, she experienced the failure of the US healthcare system to nurture the mental and emotional wellbeing of pregnant and new mothers. She joined Expectful to solve this problem.

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