It’s like prenatal vitamins for the mind. And we’re not the only ones to say so: meditation is scientifically proven to help both you and your baby, with known benefits from fertility through motherhood..

Why Meditation?

“Mindfulness-based interventions, like meditation, have been associated with reduced perceived stress, anxiety, and depression in adults. Considering the importance of maternal health on birth outcomes, reducing maternal emotional distress can improve maternal wellbeing during pregnancy and health outcomes for her child.”
2021, Meditation and Mindfulness in Pregnancy and Postpartum: A Review of the Evidence, Babbar et al
See why meditation works during your stage:

Prepare for Labor and Life with Baby

Meditation can help you manage the physical and emotional waves that present themselves as you enter motherhood. Thriving in childbirth and childrearing.

Black Mamas Meditate

Made by Black mothers, for Black mothers. This collection is rooted in validation, support, and advocacy, because we promise you, you are not alone.

Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty

What-ifs, why-nots & what-nows -- the journey to motherhood is full of them, and we know it can be a lot. This collection supports you through acknowledging those emotions and living mindfully through each stage.

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